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    Based on 1176 reviews

    Absolutely love it!

    Zebra diy

    I really enjoyed doing the painting

    Eiffel Tower

    Final result was great. Some numbers didn’t show up but it forced me to be a bit creative.

    Spot on

    My mum loved do came out great

    Indian elephant

    I love it. Will order more.


    I have it as a gift

    A gift

    Sorry I gave it as a gift and haven’t heard any feedback

    I ordered three more again.

    I haven't done this one yet but will be starting it next. They look great when completed.

    Not yet started. Working on WM-881. Cheers

    Spot on

    Fantastic pairing very spot on with the delivery.will buy from you again

    Landscape nature PH9237

    Just started. Some spaces aren’t numbered and there is no coloured picture included to compare work.

    Seaside girl

    Enjoyed the painting. Would like more abstract choices.

    Boat Landscape

    Yet to start this one.

    Owl paint by numbers.

    Haven't done this one yet but looks very nice.

    Great item

    I love how you transform photos into paint by numbers. Very impressed with the final result. Although I am disappointed that the canvas comes folded and not rolled. It will not deter me from ordering more though.

    It’s a dog’s life

    Unable to leave a review as this was purchased for a friend along with 2 others.
    All I can say is she was very happy with them all.

    2 cheeky cats

    I love the bright colours in this painting but found it very challenging to paint as the numbers were so small in some places,even using a magnifier was very difficult and tiring on my eyes.Also,there was a lot of spaces that had no numbers at all and I had to guess what colour to paint,but overall it turned out looking really good in a child’s room.

    Colour quality

    I received to thick colour
    Colours are not dilute...dont like those colours while painting

    bright and mesmerizing

    Painted this for my 10yr old nephew's birthday. He chose the design. Colours are bright and the finished product is truly mesmerizing!

    best gift for a friend

    sorry, I can’t review the recent prints I bought as they were a gift for my friend, who enjoyed many hours over a cuppa watching me paint mine.Doris

    Painted Skull

    After receiving the wrong canvas, we were sent the correct one and my husband enjoyed painting it. He did it for our daughter as she loves skulls but as we are in lockdown with Covid he can’t give it to her yet.

    Compared to others I have done and I have done many this was very basic and not real happy with the finish not really like the picture.Had the same results with
    Bridge Vm92708 and yet others turn out so great and rewarding.

    First foray!

    This was my first foray into the art of paint by numbers, Was really happy with result. Colours are exactly as you see them online.


    Thoroughly enjoyed painting this buddha! Colours are vibrant and the finished product is amazing!

    Review of XQ491

    I love the landscape n cottage canvas very happy thanks